Expanding Portable Long Service Leave

Expanding Portable Long Service Leave  Main Image

 Australia’s workforce is becoming increasingly casualised and insecure.  

Today, only one in four employers stay with their employer for over 10 years. This results in long service leave becoming increasingly unreachable for many Australian workers. One way to fix this problem is portable long service leave.  

Portable long service leave schemes allow for employees to transfer from employer to employer without losing the service already accrued within the covered industry. By introducing schemes like this in industries that have high job instability and high mobility, we can make long service leave more accessible for many workers.  

The ACT Government has already rolled out a portable long service leave scheme for construction workers, contract cleaning, security workers and community service workers already and the scheme has been a massive success.  

In 2021, I called on the ACT Government to expand the scheme to contract catering industry and further called on the government to investigate the possibility of expanding the scheme to the hospitality industry as well.  

I will update this page as things progress.