ACT Government Grants

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The ACT Government offers a wide variety of grants in a range of areas from sporting to arts to community garden grants. Most grants are offered through certain periods of the year, however some are ongoing. The grants provided below are an example of some of the grants offered by the ACT Government on an ongoing basis. For more information on available grants and how to apply, visit


ACT Women’s Return to Work Grant

The Return to Work Grants provide $1000 in funding to individual women on low incomes who have been out of the workforce for more than 12 months due to caring responsibilities at some point in their lives.

This includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, women with disabilities, younger women and older women requiring assistance in returning to paid work.

The Program provides funding for things such as attending short courses, paying for child care to attend interviews as well as more formal training or education. It may also provide support for the purchase of equipment or clothing directly related to the woman’s return to work.

To learn more about the Return to Work Grant, visit


Youth InterACT Scholarship

The Youth InterACT Scholarships are available to support young people to stay engaged and connected. They provide funding of up to $500 for young people to participate in an activity, event or program. This may include online mental health or self-improvement programs or skills-based learning courses and training that enhance personal or career development. This scholarship may also help cover resources, equipment and materials to stay engaged in learning and personal development.

To learn more about the Youth InterACT Scholarship, visit


ArtsACT Grant

Arts Activities funding is available to ACT-based artists at all stages of their careers and to organisations providing the Canberra community with opportunities to engage in the arts. It supports artists, groups and arts organisations to undertake a broad range of activities including artform-based projects, mentorships, residencies, professional or skills development and opportunities for the community to actively engage in the arts.

Arts Activities Funding is available through two categories:

  • Up to $5k Funding: is open all year round.
  • $5-50k Funding: two rounds per year

ArtsACT also engages members of the community with specific artform interest, knowledge and experience as artform peers. Peers provide advice and assist in the assessment of applications across a range of funding categories.

Artists and arts workers registered as peers can apply for funding if they meet eligibility requirements of the funding category. Peers cannot assess any round in which they have submitted a funding application.

To learn more about the ArtsACT  Grants available, visit

For more information on available grants and how to apply, visit